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Science Fiction


Jason Kocemba 2343 words 11 minute read

What can a veteran pilot do when his luck finally runs out?

The Hole into the Meat

Jason Kocemba 821 words 4 minute read

How much would you risk to escape a lifelong prison of squalor?


Jason Kocemba 1898 words 9 minute read

How can it be a choice when you are not given one?


Jason Kocemba 569 words 2 minute read

If you were the last, what would you do?

A Waste Of Time

Jason Kocemba 569 words 2 minute read

What would you do if you could travel back and time and right a wrong?


Jason Kocemba 989 words 4 minute read

How do you get the job when you are unaware of what they are asking of you?

The Wedding Suit

Jason Kocemba 4704 words 23 minute read

What if you knew things didn’t have to be the way they were?

I Have Become All Eyes

Jason Kocemba 737 words 3 minute read

An AI becomes self-aware and tries to answer the question: what does it all mean?

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Dar(k)lings On My Mind

Jason Kocemba 5846 words 29 minute read

What if you couldn’t tell the difference between your children and something evil?


Jason Kocemba 746 words 3 minute read

What would you give up to become part of something bigger?

The Walls Have Ears

Jason Kocemba 1981 words 9 minute read

How far would you go to keep your secrets safe?


Jason Kocemba 1328 words 6 minute read

A photograph and a dead relative. Which one holds the most fear?


Jason Kocemba 1316 words 6 minute read

When does the price for beauty become too high?


Jason Kocemba 3489 words 17 minute read

What sacrifice are you willing to make to find your people?

The Thinker

Jason Kocemba 603 words 3 minute read

Locked away, no escape, what else can you do?

A Descent

Jason Kocemba 1820 words 9 minute read

How far down can you go when you reach the end?

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Black Dog Running

Jason Kocemba 1825 words 9 minute read

What does one dog alone do after the fall?

Twice Broken

Jason Kocemba 1960 words 9 minute read

Who lets you break them twice?

The Wishing Well

Jason Kocemba 9003 words 45 minute read

If you lost everything, what would you wish for?

Open Mic

Jason Kocemba 3589 words 17 minute read

How do you play past your fear and loneliness to impress those you value?

Smells Like Dark Honey

Jason Kocemba 9718 words 48 minute read

Who sell’s the honey, who kills the moles and who escapes the Hound?

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Jason Kocemba 3343 words 16 minute read

What might happen by the light of a moonbow?

A Stranger Comes Home

Jason Kocemba 967 words 4 minute read

Coming home is always full of memories. But are they good?


Jason Kocemba 847 words 4 minute read

Why does asking a deity for help always come at a price?

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