jamscary is where you’ll find tasty writing that is bright and sticky and full of goodness. You’ll also find writing that has teeth and likes to bite. Please bear in mind that the majority of the content here is intended for an adult audience. If you’d prefer not to tackle such subjects in your reading, then I’d advise you to click away. I’m not writing for you.

Still here? Come on in. Get comfy.

Why jamscary? Simple, really, I’d been misheard in a loud pub. Beer was involved. I may have slurred.

“Did you just say ‘jam scary’?”

What I had said was this: “No way! Really? That’s damn scary!”

But jamscary (always one word, always) got caught in my mind. That happens from time to time: an idea or phrase is just off-kilter enough to hook itself into my grey matter. It sticks around until I write about it. My hope is that something might hook itself into you too.

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And maybe one day, I’ll tell you just what was so damn scary jamscary in the pub.

Take it easy.