Jason Kocemba 867 words 4 minute read

wtf are you talking about? drugs and the government and the secret elite? its all bs and CONSPIRACY THEORIES. do you think they want you to spout that shit? of course they do. its just another way for us to CONFUSE each other. its another way for us to keep our heads down focusing on problems that are not of our making but that take up all of our time and energy. when we pay attention to what they want us to pay attention to we are not looking up and paying attention to the bigger picture. but you sit and spout that bs just what are you trying to say? of course they are killing us. its UNLAWFUL and furthermore its WITHOUT our consent. its just power corrupting absolutely. thats all. and where are the protests against that? why do the media not report about the protests of those fighting against the real injustices? those protests are there. i PROMISE you they are. im one of those protesting. but the media and the corporations and the government are only interested in PROFIT they just keep lying to us and taking from us and killing us when we are no longer valuable to them. they kill us as they line their own effin pockets. well let me tell you truthfully i have NEVER killed for profit. and never without consent and i never will. they need to WANT to die. to ask me to end it. it is a LOOK in their eyes. one word one nod one gesture and im the one that gives it to them. there is a MAJESTY to it a spiritual HIGH. im NOT a criminal. im a PROFESSIONAL and an ARTIST. the TRUTH of the matter is that a person is only a criminal after they have been convicted. speedy trials and convenient justice and you are only a criminal when the governments TELL you that you are. when their laws are the ones that convict you. until then? you do not get caught you are NOT a criminal. simple as that. you are not a criminal you are an effin SUPERHERO a VIGILANTE a NIGHTMARE. these kids with the drug ADDICTION that you are talking about? thats bs too. those kids WANT to die only they go about it all wrong and take the long way around. a world without ILLEGAL drugs would make things better right? you would not have to spend anything on law enforcement and the WAR on drugs would you? the cops would be free to chase the REAL criminals of the world. those in charge of countries and governments and mega-corporations. those bastards. wheres the justice for their crimes? oh yeah there isnt any cos they MAKE the laws dont they? yeah its true that the kids would never get hooked if it was not for the social inequality and poverty but where does that COME from? why are they getting hooked in the first place? its society isnt it? our CULTURE. its laws and governments and business and the HEADLONG unthinking pursuit of the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. its everything. everywhere. we are MARINATED in it. there is no effin escape. its all so much effin bs and these kids have had ENOUGH thats all. its a cry for help right? is that a kind of consent? yes it is. well i hear you my friends i hear you. there are so many of you and only one of me but im coming. im making my way to you one by one. im the GRIM effin reaper. our attempt to establish dominion over nature has brought about plagues of our own devising. DISEASES such as cancer and obesity and diabetes. the diseased? they should not have eaten all that processed meat tantamount to effin CANNIBALISM. we are all animals we all share the same d.n.a. do we not? well you deserve it you WEAKLING bastards. im coming for you guys too. and what about nature, eh? mother earth? well she is fed up and pissed off. of course she is. its obvious. her attempts to kill us with viruses and super-bugs. kill us with tornadoes and volcanoes and effin tsunamis. we do not deserve to live. not like this. as a SPECIES we are screwing her over we are shoving our collective profit-loving DICKS down mother natures throat and she is gagging but do we stop our hips from pumping? no we do not. we are in the vinegar strokes and its going to be messy. well i got your BACK mother nature. im here to help you out. im a human sized MOTHERFUCKING CREATURE OF RETRIBUTION AND REVENGE. im the WEIGHT that is going to BALANCE the scales of justice. im coming for YOU. all of you are consenting to it by partaking in the status quo. i will get to every last consenting one of you. listen to my bs now eh? what do I SOUND like? dont mind me. im just BITTER and HYPOCRITICAL. i got my OWN disease to deal with right? my OWN disease to beat. i apologise for coming off as a psycho. i sort of am.

the euthanising outlaw